Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Replacing the iPhone 4 Screen became immanent

Replacing iPhone 4 Screen

When the iPhone 4 first came arrived, there was utter chaos. Everyone wanted one! The release price $599. This price was quite high, however consumers still chose to purchase the iPhone 4. Apple boasted about the new features and most importantly, the gorilla glass screen. This screen promised high quality and ultimately durability. Replacing iPhone 4 Screen did not even arise in the minds of the buyers.

Just on the first day alone after purchasing their iPhones.  2% of the buyers dropped their iPhone, causing their Apple iPhone 4’s screen to shatter. Replacing iPhone 4 Screen for these owners became immanent.  Local tech repair shops began offering the Replacing iPhone 4 Screen service. Youtube videos showcasing step by step replacement procedures also hit the air.

The un-durable screen of the iPhone 4 created jobs for many technicians and techies.